What type of charging point can I use at home?

For home-based charging we strongly recommend that you purchase and instal a trusted EV charging point and have it installed by a certified installer.
The charging points for home use are rated to the power supply for your home and provide a reliable form of overnight top up charging.
At EVcharges we work closely with Rolec the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of EV charging points. Please visit our products page to learn more about what they offer. (Link to products page on this site)

What charging points are available to commercial customers?

If you are considering providing at-work charging points for your employees, we can help. Our product range includes charging points matched to the increased power supply available to businesses. This means you benefit from charging points capable of delivering quicker top-ups to your employees and visitors electric vehicles, including rapid charge capabilities if required.
If you are in the automotive trade we can supply and instal chargers for your customers, that match to the vehicles they buy or lease from you.
Please visit our products page to learn more about the charging points we supply from trusted manufacturers Rolec. (Link to products page on this site)

What is my range after a charge?

The range of your vehicle after a full charge will vary according to the capacity of its lithium battery, and you should check the manufacturer’s specifications for this figure. Battery range figures are often determined in ‘ideal’ conditions, so it’s also good to check online customer reviews to compare the manufacturer’s figures with the experience of customers.

What are EVcharges’ accreditations and credentials?

At EVcharges we are very proud of our technical credentials. All our engineers are NICEIC registered for electrical works. They are also registered for Part P building regs to carry out electrical works in the home.
Each of our engineers has also completed the Electrical Vehicle Charging Course.

What’s the difference between a charging point (charging station) and a charger?

The charging point is the device installed at your home or place of work which provides a power point for your charging. At home the charging point is often mounted on an external wall. At your place of work it’s likely to be a pavement mounted pedestal or bollard unit at the end of a parking bay dedicated to electric vehicles. A lead comes from the charging point and attaches to your vehicle. The charger is built into your electric vehicle. It takes the power supply and converts it to an acceptable power level to charge the vehicle battery.

What grants are available

The government provides significant subsidies for business and personal customers to purchase and instal electric vehicle charging points. EVcharges is approved by the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which enables us to claim the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Grant (EVHS) or the Workplace Charging Grant (WCS) on behalf of our customers. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/government-grants-for-low-emission-vehicles. For more details of specific grants, please visit our Grants page.

What is the cost of installing a charging station?

The price of installing a charging point can vary depending on what power is available, the physical structure and layout of the building and safety requirements affecting location. Our installation team can visit you and provide a free quote.